It is important to ask the right questions. Especially when starting a new adventure. The question determines the horizon of the path you take, its colour, the rhythm of each step.
Up Hotel was born from a precise question: “What experience would I want to have if I were one of my guests?”.
When we thought of Up Hotel, we did not focus on what we wanted to sell to tourists and travellers. Instead, we thought about what we wanted to buy. We put ourselves in the shoes of our future guests and designed a complete experience, a new interpretation of travel in Rimini, made of connections, local products, comfort, design, pet-friendly spaces, unique and special services.
Step by step, beat by beat, we felt our hearts telling us: “Yes, the question is the right one”.
This is why Up Hotel for us is more than a hotel. Up Hotel is a project.
A P.R.O.J.E.C.T in capital letters, made with pride and determination, against the pessimism of those who see things always the same and prefer an easy life but DOWN instead of the commitment to be UP.
Up Hotel is a social space, a place where there is no lobby, but a social lounge where you can connect, chat, work, interact and find ideas on what to do.
Up Hotel is a team of people ready to suggest places and new things to do in order to discover a special Romagna, made up of start-ups, new ideas for fun, relaxation, shopping and sport.
Up Hotel is your hotel: the one where you can have breakfast at 12 noon, help yourself to home-made food in our honesty bar, sleep in brand new rooms and experience the sea as you like.

Up Hotel. Be yourself.

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UP is easy to read, understand and memorise whatever your language of origin. UP invites you to live to the full, makes you want to jump, and helps you not to give up.

UP HOTEL is not a hotel for tourists. Tourists no longer exist. There are citizens of the world who want to live “local” experiences in every corner of a world that no longer has borders.

UP HOTEL was born for them, it grows with them: Millennials? Generation Z? We don’t really like labels. We like restless human beings who know their way through their time: contemporary bohemians, hyper-connected f lâneurs, hypersensitive pirates. They are ahead of their time, they live to share, and they mostly daydream.

People Centric

Have you ever built a tree house? Did you have a secret hideaway when you were a child? Every room at UP HOTEL has been designed and built to make its guests relive those sensations: living in a place full of value. A nest that looks like you, knows your needs, realises your desires.







Experienced Based

Is there anything more annoying than being treated like a tourist? Living a packaged experience? The last thing you want, in any place and at any time, is to live inside a fiction. Every traveller wants to feel like a local.

We always ask ourselves one question: ‘If my best friend was here with me, what experience would I give her? Where would I take my best friend this evening?”

UP HOTEL is a safe harbor for the best and most beautiful things from the area, the fruit of knowledge and connection with artisans, producers, and artists.

UP HOTEL is a radar that is activated every time a guest is curious to know and try the most fun and lively places in the area, the necessary restaurants, the places and attractions that are really not to be missed.

UP HOTEL is the hub that directs you to the most vivid and exciting experiences to be had in the area.

Life Lover

If you don’t love life madly, you are probably not a suitable guest at UP HOTEL. We love life in every form and from every angle.

UP HOTEL is LGBT-friendly. To write this now sounds anachronistic. Love is love; love is everything. Full stop.

UP HOTEL is pet-friendly. We really love to welcome guests’ four-legged friends. Of course we make sure that the presence of animals does not bother other guests.

UP HOTEL is eco-friendly. It seems that the Mars colony project is still going on, so we only have this planet. It’s burning. Everyone has a duty to do something: we try to do it with the use of organically grown products, maniacal attention to waste separation, a strict policy on energy, food and water waste, a constant invitation to sustainable mobility.


If you’ve come this far you’re probably thinking ‘these guys are good at marketing, but running a real hotel is something else’. I wish!

What you have read so far is a point of arrival. We got there through mistakes, toil, sweat, disappointments, tears. Above all, through ruthless and constant analysis of every single element the company has put in place to deliver the product, the guest experience.

There is not a day when we do not have the economic FLOWS under control. We monitor every euro of operating COST.

We know where every penny of REVENUE comes from and what action has generated it. We know the MARGINALITY of all revenue centres, at all times. We have developed a method of managing HUMAN RESOURCES, which remain the most important asset.


We love any form of technology that simplifies, amplifies and enhances the human experience in its everyday life. We love technology that provides zero-skips stays.

The UP HOTEL allows “self and fast” check-in. The concierge is digital. Wi-Fi coverage is free, excellent and abundant in every corner. Room doors open with your smartphone. Chromecast smart TVs, a digital newsstand, the voice of Alexa and, above all, Dorelan Memory Foam mattresses keep you company in the rooms.

The windows and doors are highly acoustically and thermally insulated. Soundproofing is concert metal. The lighting is LED with energy from a photovoltaic system. The automatic air conditioning system is present everywhere. The outer walls are all fitted with heat insulation. We really care about the environment. We cordially detest energy waste, not least because it has a habit of showing up on our bills.


The UP HOTEL 14 hospitality sector revolves around people: customers consume their experience (the product) within the same production centre (the accommodation facility) in the presence of the producers (the staff of the establishment). Impossible to forget the smile and professionalism of a good receptionist; impossible to forget a rude gesture from a waiter.

You need a staff of serene, smiling elements, always aware of what is the right thing to do with each guest. Our method involves continuous internal discussion sessions; constant analysis of the feedback we get from guests live and online; repeated team-building sessions.

We apply the Kaizen philosophy to hospitality, in the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Room & Breakfast
UP HOTEL is the hotel where you can have breakfast at 12 noon, enjoy homemade pasta dishes, sandwiches, piadinas, fruit, ice cream from our honesty bar, sleep in rooms furnished with unique pieces and built for comfort.
UP HOTEL is a social space, a place where there is no lobby, but a social lounge where you can connect, chat, work, interact and get ideas on what to do.
Valuable experiences
UP HOTEL is an environment where every element is functional and aesthetics is never an end in itself. Form is substance and the guest perceives the value of the experience even while sleeping.