Our green commitment

We are happy to help make the seas cleaner, a less polluted world and a fairer society.

We work every day with the utmost commitment trying to preserve our land and improve the society in which we live and we are convinced that if everyone pursued this path even partially, much better results would be achieved: We are working to obtain the Green Key ecological quality label, certification granted to very few hotels around the world that recognizes environmental quality and sustainability in our sector.

The following is the point-by-point description of what we, together with our guests, are doing to best pursue our philosophy of sustainability:

Our entire facility is organised to save energy

  • We use LED technology in all our lighting points
  • The fridges in our rooms are energy class A++.
  • We have designed our verandas to make the most of daylight
  • Home automation devices allow us to adopt programmes for maintaining temperatures when the customer is out of the room
  • Our boilers are condensation boilers
  • Our windows and doors are highly thermally and acoustically insulated
  • A 12 cm thermal insulation coat on the outside of the entire structure guarantees maximum insulation
  • We are developing an app linked to the consumption of the rooms in order to put customers in competition (the customer who consumes less will receive a prize).

Careful and conscious waste management

  • We adopt a careful separate collection
  • We involve our guest in this activity: all rooms and common areas are organized with differentiated bins (paper, plastic and undifferentiated)

Organising breakfast in single portions

  • Our breakfast (homemade at 80%) is made in single portions in order to have as little waste as possible
  • Our suppliers are all local: limited journeys in the delivery of goods together with a guaranteed and quality product
  • We are studying how to be supported by technology to further limit waste

Plastic Free and less paper

  • Unless expressly requested, we do not print invoices and receipts only upon request, otherwise using digital media
  • We don’t have plastic containers but only glass and paper
  • We hydrate our customers with filtered tap water using recyclable bottles and glasses
  • The straws are made of paper only


The customer receives a 6 Euro voucher to donate to the many reforestation projects if he decides not to have his room redone

Human Resourcers

  • At Up hotel we don’t scrutinize who you are and where you come from; the important thing is to be yourself and passionate about the world of hospitality
  • Timetables allow you to be able to have a family and social life as well
  • The remuneration takes into consideration the legal contracts and the results pursued