How to reach us

Rimini is not a city, or rather, it is not just a city. Rimini is a Unique Place.
The capital of the Romagna Riviera has no streets or squares, no meeting places or beaches; Rimini has EXPERIENCES and pictures of life. The gate to the city is the Arch of Augustus: crossing it to be catapulted back in time when Rome had a very important colony in this part of the Adriatic. Erected in 27 BC it marked the end of the Via Flaminia that connected Rimini to Rome, and today it is the oldest and most solemn honorary arch among those preserved that have passed the centuries to reach us. A few steps away, where there is now piazza Tre Martiri. An important site to visit the Domus del Chirurgo and the Forum: here the same Cesare spoke after the famous Alea iacta est passing the Rubicon.

And how not to mention the amazing Tiberius Bridge: in the legend the bridge was erected by the Devil himself and still today the signs of two notches resembling the footprints of goats on the balustrade on the mountain side are evident.
Continuing a journey through time that embellishes every visit, Rimini reveals itself to the tourist’s eyes with the beauties of the Italian Renaissance. The city of the Malatesta, the Lords of these lands: Castello Sismondo, imposing, austere and proportionate, and the Malatesta Museum by Leon Battista Alberti, a treasure chest of art treasures such as a fresco by Giotto and one by Piero della Francesca.
But Rimini does not exhaust its strength only between History and Art: this city is forged in the collective imagination thanks to the eternal presence of Fellini: Borgo San Giuliano, the Fulgor Cinema, but also on summer evenings and wraps accompanied by a glass of Sangiovese. Here the eternal myth of the Director of the Dolce Vita becomes reality. And everyone could be a Vitellone or Azdora.
The economic boom of the 60s, the revolutions of the 70s, the unscrupulousness of the 80s, the disco rebellion of the 90s … decades of life on the most famous beach in Italy that still remains the undisputed queen of the whole coast.
Aperitifs at sunset under the immense Ferris wheel or morning bike rides. And the nights! Whether they are summer parties on the beach or lively laughter in Piazza Cavour, they are
to be experienced 365 days a year.

How to arrive by car

From the north

From the Rimini Sud exit (6.4 KM) take the direction of Rimini and continue on the SS72 up to Via Flaminia. Continue on via Flaminia, reaching the Fire Brigade roundabout. Here take the third exit up to via Giuseppe Melucci. Turn right and continue until the roundabout that will take you to Via dei Martiri. Then continue on Viale Mantova, turning right. In a few meters, on the left, you will find Viale Gubbio. We are at number 7

From the south

Getting to Up Hotel by car is really easy: you just need to exit at the Riccione highway exit just 7 km far from us. Drive along Via Enrico Berlinguer to the e SS16 (the ancient Flaminia) and then take the direction of Rimini (for 4.8 km). Turn right  Via Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, which ends in Viale Principe di Piemonte. Drive in the direction of Rimini Principe di Piemonte up to Viale Gubbio. Our hotel is located at number 7 of viale Gubbio. But remember, it is a one-way street, so you will have to enter from via Sarsina!

How to arrive by train

If you are a traveler who loves trains you can choose to arrive at Rimini Miramare or Rimini Stazione. If you opt for Rimini Miramare Up Hotel is only 700m away. If you prefer the Rimini railway station, to reach us you can take bus 11 which leaves from the station and arrives in front of the street of our hotel: viale Gubbio, or try the new metro mare, a bus that runs along the entire seafront, comfortable, fast and punctual. We have two stops near our hotel: Miramare and Fiabilandia.

How to arrive by plane

Are you so UP that you have decided to reach us by plane? From the international airport of Rimini and San Marino, our hotel can be reached in a few minutes. You can decide to take advantage of a taxi service (if you contact the reception we can book it for you) or use the urban bus lines. In this case you will have to take bus number 9 at the Santa Giustina stop. After 4 stops you will find yourself in via Ambrosoli, get off, continue until via Meucci and viale Madrid. Take the pedestrian tunnel, turn right to be in viale Mantova. At this point, just turn left and entering Viale Gubbio, at number 7 you will find the Up Hotel.