Who we are

What is UP HOTEL?
UP HOTEL is a dream.
UP HOTEL has changed my life.
It was born in the heart of the Rimini Riviera, built by my parents in the 1970s brick by brick.
I was born and grew up within the walls of this hotel and in 2015 I realized my vision: a hotel that has design, inclusiveness, technology, and, nowadays, eco-sustainability in its DNA.
My guests become my friends, human beings looking for new experiences, memories, and moments to photograph. We like to call them contemporary bohemians and hyper-connected, as we all are now.
Enjoying the time that is missing today, in a harmonious environment, created by the energy of the whole, the people, the spaces, the scents, the music, all aimed at welcoming ”my friends”, the guests.
I often talk about the ”UP philosophy”, as the name UP itself says, various meanings these two letters can have, they mean having a high, enthusiastic, happy mood, they mean ”keeping up”, which is why the rooms are always changing and improving, and lastly they mean leaving my friends in a UP mood when they finish their stay, leaving a piece of us in their hearts.
That’s UP.

It is important to ask the right questions. Especially when starting a new adventure. The question determines the horizon of the path you take, its colour, the rhythm of each step.
Up Hotel was born from a precise question: “What experience would I want to have if I were one of my guests?”.
When we thought of Up Hotel, we did not focus on what we wanted to sell to tourists and travellers. Instead, we thought about what we wanted to buy. We put ourselves in the shoes of our future guests and designed a complete experience, a new interpretation of travel in Rimini, made up of connections, local products, comfort, design, pet-friendly spaces, unique and special services.
Step by step, beat by beat, we felt that our heart was telling us: “Yes, the question is the right one”.
This is why Up Hotel is more than a hotel to us. Up Hotel is a project.
A P.R.O.G.E.T.O in capital letters, made with pride and determination, against the pessimism of those who see things always the same and prefer an easy life but DOWN instead of the commitment to be UP.
Up Hotel is a social space, a place where there is no lobby, but a social lounge where you can connect, chat, work, interact and find ideas on what to do.
Up Hotel is a team of people ready to suggest places and new things to do in order to discover a special Romagna, made up of start-ups, new ideas for fun, relaxation, shopping and sport.
Up Hotel is your hotel: the one where you can have breakfast at 12 o’clock, help yourself to home-made food in our honesty bar, sleep in brand-new rooms and experience the sea as you like. Up Hotel. Be yourself.