Who we are

What is UP HOTEL?
UP HOTEL is a dream.
UP HOTEL has changed my life.
It was born in the heart of the Rimini Riviera, built by my parents in the 1970s brick by brick.
I was born and grew up within the walls of this hotel and in 2015 I realized my vision: a hotel that has design, inclusiveness, technology, and, nowadays, eco-sustainability in its DNA.
My guests become my friends, human beings looking for new experiences, memories, and moments to photograph. We like to call them contemporary bohemians and hyper-connected, as we all are now.
Enjoying the time that is missing today, in a harmonious environment, created by the energy of the whole, the people, the spaces, the scents, the music, all aimed at welcoming ”my friends”, the guests.
I often talk about the ”UP philosophy”, as the name UP itself says, various meanings these two letters can have, they mean having a high, enthusiastic, happy mood, they mean ”keeping up”, which is why the rooms are always changing and improving, and lastly they mean leaving my friends in a UP mood when they finish their stay, leaving a piece of us in their hearts.
That’s UP.