It is important to ask the right questions. Especially when starting a new adventure. The right questions determine which course to take, it’s color and the rythym of each step.

The idea of Up Hotel was created with one question in mind:”What kind of experience would I like, if I were one of my guests?”

When we thought of Up Hotel we didn’t concentrate on what we could sell tourists and travellers. We instead thought of what we would buy. We put ourselves in the shoes of our future guests and we designed a complete experience, a new interpretation of travelling to Rimini. A project made of connections, local food, comfort, design, pet-friendly areas, and special unique services.

Step by step, beat after beat, we felt our heart say, “Yes, that is the right question”.

That is why Up Hotel is more than just a hotel.

Up Hotel is a project. A P-R-O-J-E-C-T  with capital letters, made with pride and determination. Against all odds of pesimism and always seeing the same old thing prefering the easy way out, we decided to commit and be UP.

Up Hotel is a social space, a place in which no hall exists, but has a social lounge where you can connect, chat, work, interact and find new ideas on what to do.

Up Hotel has a team of people ready to suggest places and new ways to discover Romagna, made of start ups, new ways to have fun, relax, shop and play sports.

Up Hotel is your hotel. One in which you can have breakfast at 11, where you can help yourself to home made food at our Honesty Bar, sleep in new rooms, and live the beach life as you please. Up Hotel. Be yourself.


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