Published on: 14 December 2021


The most magical season of the year has begun: winter.

All the streets and squares in the historic centre of Rimini, as well as those in the neighbouring villages, are filled with fairs, markets, stands and stalls. Here you will find Christmas gifts and typical food products.
In this regard, do not miss the Christmas markets in Santarcangelo di Romagna, which will be held in Piazza Ganganelli, the ancient Piazza delle Erbe, respectively on 04-05- 08- 11 – 12 – 18 – 19- 23 December 2021.

In Rimini, on the other hand, two Christmas trees will be positioned and decorated in Piazza Tre Martiri and Piazza Cavour, and this beautiful picture will be framed by the illuminations, which will light up the historic centre from 03 December 2021.

I would also like to point out that from 11th to 24th December 2021 the Christmas Tree Fair will be held at Largo Ponte di Tiberio, where you will have the opportunity to make your Christmas very special by buying real Christmas trees and plants.

Moreover, as every year, the wonderful sand crib will be realized on the beach of Rimini, more precisely on the free beach next to the harbour, from 07 December 2021 to 09 January 2022.
Similarly, an ice rink will be created for the enjoyment of adults and children alike, which for the first time will be installed in the heart of Marina Centro, in Piazzale Fellini, from 30 November to 15 January 2022.

If your children want to meet Father Christmas, in Sant’Agata Feltria you can make this dream come true for them.
The Father Christmas House will be set up in Piazza del Mercato and will be open on 05 – 08 – 12 – 19 December 2021 from 10 am to 6 pm.

In front of the House of Father Christmas there is also the House of the Elves where all the children’s letters will be collected and posted in the red mailbox.
Between the markets and meeting Santa, don’t forget to taste the Advent dishes offered by the various inns and trattorias of Sant’Agata.

If you don’t feel like winter without the snow and a day on the slopes, Mount Carpegna is the right place to go. It is only 50 km from Rimini, and thanks to its altitude (1,415 m) has various ski facilities where you can go skiing or bobsleighing.

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