Published on: 14 December 2021

Up2You, the startup enabling tourism activities to generate a positive impact on the planet

In January 2020, Andrea Zuanetti, Alessandro Broglia and Lorenzo Vendemini founded Up2You, an innovative social startup with the aim of tackling climate change through services for people and companies interested in environmental issues.

The first sector the founders turned their attention to was tourism, given the widespread but unsustainable standards: one example is the frequent changing of sheets during hotel stays, which is not usually done so frequently in everyday life.

With the aim of giving guests and hoteliers the chance to make a kind gesture towards the planet, Up2You has created the “Non Disturbare” service: by renouncing to change their room, the guest finds a small prize in his room from the hotel (and therefore from Up2You) for his sustainable renunciation, that is the possibility to plant a tree in one of the reforestation projects active in Italy or in the world.

Since its foundation, Up2You has differentiated its offer, always keeping an eye on the tourism sector: Zero Emission Travel is a service that allows travellers who are more attentive to sustainable issues to zero the net emissions produced by their trip and stay in the structure. It consists of a practical and friendly boarding pass signed Up2You, which travellers receive through their agency or tour operator together with the other travel documents.

The Up2You ticket takes into account the net emissions produced by the journey (air, ship, other means of transport) and the stay, and neutralises the resulting CO₂ through the support of internationally certified environmental protection projects.

In general, attention to sustainability, even in the world of tourism, is constantly growing. Italian accommodation facilities, for example, show that they have grasped the importance of the issue and 83% have implemented at least one action in relation to sustainability.

So, we can all make a difference in stopping climate change and building a better future: even when it comes to holidays.

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