Published on: 14 December 2021


Guests, or rather we travellers, are becoming increasingly attentive and sensitive to aspects of reuse, recycling and waste reduction. Even on holiday.

Hospitality providers can no longer avoid focusing their efforts on respecting and supporting the environment that surrounds their business.

After all, this should be the norm, don’t you think?

How nice, pleasant, reassuring and gratifying is it to know that you are staying in a structure that places ethical and environmental aspects at the centre of its work?

Fortunately, there is a growing number of establishments that value not only the environment in which they are located, but also the people who work with them.

For this reason, Supporter has decided to introduce you to five Dutch establishments that have not only implemented good practices but have made sustainability a real concept on which their entire hospitality offering is based.

So if, after staying in Rimini, you want to rediscover the spirit of Up Hotel in the Netherlands too, you’ll know which structures to choose.


Don’t call it a hostel because you might be offended. The eco Mama in Amsterdam is a real community with clear values and a unique style of hospitality.

From the name itself you can guess the extraordinary ecological commitment of this structure: the use of only fair trade materials, its own system of rainwater reuse and waste recycling. For them, conscious living is a mission, not just a hospitable proposition. When you enter you may suddenly feel catapulted into a smart, natural environment, and if you’re lucky you may try out their camping “tent” in the lounge area.

GREEN ELEPHANT in Maastricht

Il Green Elephant unisce i servizi degli ostelli più cool con una zona benessere tipica di hotel più elevati di categoria. Dal suo nome già si intuisce il proprio impegno sostenibile.

Tra le iniziative volte a sensibilizzare al rispetto dell’ambiente, l”elefante verde” propone solo ed esclusivamente prodotti locali ed incentiva ogni ospite a fare acquisti nel quartiere consigliando una serie di negozi e boutique che rispettano la stessa filosofia sostenibile.


This group of hotels has created the concept of “eco sexy and big smile”. According to them, respecting the environment and implementing good practices is something fun and cool.

And indeed it is. When you enter, in addition to the very natural design and recycled materials, you will find a fantastic shop with organic, biological and neighbouring products.

Their message is very simple “being aware is the first step to improving the planet”.


Let’s leave the hostels for a moment and step into a fantastic new generation luxury hotel. Precious design and a contemporary look conceal an impressive ecological commitment.

The entire hotel is based on the concept of a circular economy. In fact, on the top floor there is a real “green room” where the hotel plants and grows products (fruit and vegetables) which are then served in the restaurant. The outside of the hotel is made up of panels to help keep the temperature correct inside the rooms at all times, so as to avoid wasting energy. QO has created a system in which all the water coming from the showers and sinks is reused to clean the toilets.


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