Published on: 14 October 2021

Interview with Nicoletta Neri, Kiosquito 46 – #SUPPORTER

How and when did the idea for Kiosquito come about?
Catering has always been a part of me and my husband, we both come from generations of chefs, my grandmother was one too. After having had our own experiences in other restaurants, we joined forces and in 2006 we opened Kiosquito 46 on the outskirts of Riccione. Our guests come here and feel at home, they pick up their cutlery, set their table and know that in return they will always get a smile and an exchange of words.

Why does it feel like home at the Kiosquito?
Well… In every way, coming to eat with us is like being with family, because we are family ourselves! Rudy and Cami welcome you with a smile and a chat at the entrance, my husband introduces you to Argentinean cuisine and I introduce you to the traditions of Romagna: I cook pasta by hand, prepare vegetables and gratin dishes. It’s a familiar and spontaneous cuisine, just like at home. The recipes and ingredients are always the same, but you know, today’s basil is never the same as yesterday’s, or tomorrow I might use rosemary. Who knows! Long live creativity!
We wanted to open a place with heart and soul… and I think we succeeded!

How do you turn an unconventional, out-of-the-way restaurant into a destination and a destination?
At the beginning, it was very difficult to manage, we couldn’t afford to hire extra staff, there were only the two of us, plus our children were young, they went to school, came back and came to the restaurant with us, so it was a time of sacrifice. The spirit and soul that we have helped us a lot, despite the kilometres that separate them, Romagna and Argentina are very similar, we have joy in our spirit.
We started off with piadina, then gratin, and from there day by day, from year to year always a little more. It was good and we ate well, we breathed the air of home and people felt at home, they kept coming back, once with the family, once with friends. Thanks to that the word spread. One of the memories I cherish most was the barbecue, I remember well that it was raining that day but people showed up with umbrellas!

What is your favourite dish?
We can only mention one from Romagna and one from Argentina! For my region, it’s definitely tagliatella with meat sauce, while the Argentine dish par excellence is asado. And our vegetables au gratin, for which we only choose those in season, are unmissable. And finally, since we are in Riccione, it is compulsory to try piadina, either as a side dish or as a main course.
either as a side dish or as the main course, perhaps using it as a meat dumpling.

How has the host changed over time?
A few years ago, people went out to be with their families, it was a tradition and custom to get together on Sundays, not knowing exactly where to go, but going with the memory. Today, most people can go out to dinner, from 18-year-olds to older people.
With the advent of the Internet, guests choose and know where they want to go: they just look on Google and decide, they get informed and go safely to their destination. The Internet is a bit of a double-edged sword because customers create expectations that are not always fulfilled.
Nowadays it is difficult to surprise people, because there is a constant comparison between establishments and an infinite amount of information.

In my opinion, the important thing that stays with our guests is the love, the cheerfulness and what we transmit to people.

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