Published on: 14 October 2021

Daniel Bund – #SUPPORTER

That’s right guys, you got it right… It’s me again, your Andrea Saltini! Here, on sUPporter, for the second appointment of the column “Learn Art and Put it aside!”, this time to talk about a young artist: Daniel Bund.

Daniel Bund was born in 1986 in Carpi – a small town with no music located in the middle of the lower province of the flat Po Valley universe. He draws, paints, customises and creates objects, produces digital illustrations and, above all else, is an avid fan of the sad local team from his village.

All his creations are characterised by a unique and very personal style; they deal with themes related to current affairs, the mass consumer society, human rights and, above all, animal rights. Despite his very young age, Bund has long since established himself on the national and international art scene.

His works often feature a myriad of iconic characters, icons of pop culture, sport and politics, or stars of the small screen interacting with others he has never seen before, “little monsters” as he likes to call them, born of his fervid and overflowing imagination. Always on the lookout for new stimuli, collaborations and new ideas – he has recently produced a series of sculptures inspired by his bizarre little monsters – Bund strikes viewers in a direct and immediate way, never banal, and totally unfiltered. His colourful, surreal and overwhelming universe is characterised by irony and provocation.

Daniel Bund’s story began in 2007, with a solo exhibition at the CaseAperte gallery in Bologna. From then on, his career has been on a rapid rise, with exhibitions, festivals, events and regular forays into the world of design, clothing and toys, creating and signing products for important Italian brands.
He has also recently become an author and TV co-host for the Telestudio Modena network.

From Tuesday 21 September 2021 a monographic exhibition of his work will be held at the UP Hotel in Rimini. You absolutely cannot miss it!

Always yours Andrea Saltini.
See you next time!

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