Published on: 31 August 2021

3 truly UP experiences to get autumn off on the right foot!

Rimini is not a destination to be visited only in summer!

There are many experiences you can have in any season of the year, and we have selected some really UP for you:

Let’s start with a good glass of wine toasting to the summer we are leaving behind and to the season to come, full of new emotions!

If you come to these parts you absolutely must follow the path of taste along the path of Sangiovese and the fragrant wines produced here in Romagna: Cabernet Sauvignon, Verucchiese and Marzabino, Trebbiano Romagnolo, Biancame and Rebola.

In short, there is something for everyone in Romagna and Rimini is the ideal destination for an autumn weekend, the season of foliage, grape harvests and truffles.

From wine to the culinary specialities of Romagna.

Rimini has always been renowned as a land of hospitality, surrounded by small, magical medieval villages, populated by friendly people who pass on stories and culinary traditions.

For many, this is their favourite time of year to bring the authentic flavours of our territory to the table.

Piadina and squacquerone cheese, but also specialities featuring fish from the Adriatic Sea and products from the hinterland accompanied by the best local wines capable of bringing out their aromas and flavours.

And then there are the Montefeltro truffles, mushrooms and local specialities such as Fossa cheese or bustrengo.

It will be a pleasure to lose oneself in the colours, scents and flavours of our land.

If there are many emotions that can be concentrated in a glass of Sangiovese, there are just as many that can be experienced wandering around historic Rimini, where every five minutes you have to stop because you come across a Roman monument or a Renaissance castle that immediately invites you to find out more and visit the city’s museums, such as PART, which houses a collection of contemporary art, or the recent museum dedicated to Federico Fellini, which is truly magical.

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