Published on: 31 August 2021

A dream called Fellini Museum in Rimini

A widespread museum that winds its way through the most evocative places in the heart of the city.

An interweaving of exciting performances in which all the arts have been contemplated to pay homage to Fellini’s visionary spirit and invite visitors to catapult themselves into a magical world.

The Fellini Museum is no ordinary museum, it is an ever-changing project, a work in progress that through a constant dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces and immersive experiences enhances the cultural legacy of one of the most illustrious directors in the history of Italian cinema.

The museum, to be inaugurated in August 2021, is located in three key points of Rimini’s historic centre: Castel Sismondo, the 15th-century Malatesta fortress designed by Filippo Brunelleschi; the Palazzo del Fulgor, an 18th-century building whose ground floor houses the Fulgor, the legendary cinema immortalised in Amarcord.

Joining the two buildings is Piazza Malatesta, a large urban area, which embraces in a ring the cultural pole of the city, which has at its centre the Fellini Museum, but also includes the Galli Theatre and PART – Palazzi dell’Arte Rimini, a centre for contemporary art, inaugurated in September 2020.

Amazement, imagination and fun await you in Rimini, in all seasons of the year!

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