Published on: 14 October 2021

My UPp, the new UP Hotel app – #SUPPORTER

The soul of a territory lives in the curious gaze of those who travel through it and in the passionate narrations of those who tell it. Rimini is beauty that burns and dazzles, a voracious mistress of many souls and stories, enclosed in the sand crystals of its famous coastline, in the hidden glimpses of its hills and in the secret corners of the city.

Whoever is in love with a territory wants to tell its story, to lay bare its genuine face made up of ancient traditions, scents and flavours that have (r)existed for generations. But the way of travelling and telling stories has changed profoundly thanks to the infinite possibilities of digital innovation.

Travellers are looking for emotion, continuous discovery, hyper connection and sharing. Those who narrate, those who host, have the possibility to concentrate infinite information in a digital space and make it neatly available to their guests. The wedding goes without saying. A personalized app full of services and information can respond perfectly to the renewed needs of travellers and hosts.

UP Hotel has therefore decided to create its own app, My UPp, created together with the Luxor web company of Riccione: a complete and fast proposal, which responds to all the new burdens of hotel hospitality today: technology, speed, the immediacy of service, self-check-in, digital concierge, breakfast booking, Up2You at your fingertips, tourist guide, maps, restaurants, clubs, travel tools and even Mindfulness playlists… more? Yes, a lot more, but we prefer to sum it up like this: My UPp simplifies holidays, amplifies the possibilities of discovery, and satisfies the needs of modern travellers, creating a close relationship between people and territory.

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