Published on: 14 October 2021

UP Services – #SUPPORTER

In the first edition of SUPPORTER I talked to you about accommodation facilities that have something “UP” about them, about hotels that certainly inspired Up Hotel.

In this new article, however, I want to talk to you about “Up services”, or rather about what represents the heart of any hotel project: service ideas.
In fact, there is no design, style or communication choice that can compensate for the absence of extraordinary service ideas. Here are a few that definitely make the difference.

The Popsicle Hotline at the Magic Castle Hotel in Los Angeles.
The Magic Castle is a family hotel in Los Angeles like any other. In fact, it is perhaps closer to a motel. It has several rooms, some equipped with small kitchenettes. Nothing special. But what has made it one of the most famous hotels in Los Angeles? An incredibly amusing idea, directed at its target audience.
At the poolside there is a red telephone with the words “Popsicle Hotline” written on it. When a child uses this phone and asks for the “Popsicle service”, a waiter immediately comes over and serves the little guest a series of tasty popsicles in a variety of flavours on a silver tray. And all this is completely free of charge.

The famous Warm Cookies from the DoubleTree by Hilton.
There are some traditions that will never fade and have made hospitality history. Among them is the idea of welcoming guests at every check-in with a warm, freshly baked chocolate chip biscuit. This form of sweet, warm welcome can only be found at DoubleTree Hotels by Hilton. A brand that has set the standard and taught that being welcoming means stimulating all 5 senses of the guest.

The slide at the Red Dot Hotel in Taiwan.
The Red Dot is a design hotel located in Taichung City in Taiwan. It is known as one of the first hotels in the world to have a slide in the lobby that starts on the top floor and can be used instead of stairs. The slide has become the hotel’s emblem and is used by young and old alike. Almost unexpectedly
it was immediately the most photographed and curious object in the hotel.

Music Stay in Ibiza.
The Hard Rock hotel in Ibiza offers a truly original service. The aim is to bring guests closer to music. For this reason, guests can ask for a Fender electric guitar which they can play with headphones for as long as they wish. The hotel can also have the guest’s favourite playlist available in the room and offers the possibility of having various songs downloaded directly from the hotel’s Spotify account.

The concierge robot.
At the Luma Hotel in Times Square in New York City you will find Alina, the robot concierge. Alina is at your service: you can call her directly via the app or simply with the room phone. She will come directly to the door of your room and bring you whatever you want, be it food or drink. What do you think? Would you like to meet her?

The Gamer Caves at the Rove Hotel in Dubai.
The Rove Hotel Dubai has invented a room dedicated to gamers from all over the world. Inside you’ll find a professional console, headphones with microphone, dual monitors and the possibility of late check out for those who play late. Plus a range of specialised services for video game enthusiasts on the net.

The recording studio.
The Gold Diggers Hotel in Los Angeles is the first hotel in the world designed for recording albums. It houses a professional recording studio. This service creates a unique atmosphere and makes the hotel a place of worship.

The cinema in your room.
Why settle for a simple television in your room? The Paradiso Hotel in Paris offers all guests the possibility of experiencing a real private cinema in their room. In fact, in every room of the hotel there is a large projector, the possibility of eating popcorn and watching your favourite films or something new.

Have you ever found “UP services” in your travels? If so, email us at and tell us what you saw.

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