Take these ingredients- low lights, furniture liberty style, prohibition era and the Great Gatsby-mix them all together and you get two places that travel in time and taste. The Noble Experiment in Santarcangelo of Rimini and The Belludi 42 in Riccione. They offer a new way of making cocktails. Inspired by the speakeasy bars of the 20’s and 30’s typically hidden and not easily found. You enter a whole new era, the roaring twenties of Al Capone in a forgotten America, made of distinct cocktails and a bow tie wearing bartender. If you’re tired of the usual watered down Mojito and want to have a different experience enjoying a retro-gangster style evening reading all about how each cocktail was invented. The present is made up by shaking up the details of the past.


For our guests at Up Hotel we prepared a list, a selection of local places, restaurants and stores in Rimini and surrounding areas characterized as being….UP! For more information ask at the reception.